Experience, Quality, and Coverage: The 2iQ Advantage

Extensive Experience

With over 15 years experience, 2iQ draws on deep industry knowledge and cutting-edge expertise from leading investment minds to create the most comprehensive, compelling combination of insider transactions data and analysis for the financial sector.

Unmatched Data Quality

We combine an automated data collection process with appraisals by analysts trained in the specific nuances of insider transaction data to ensure unparalleled quality of information. Our systems are refined to capture filings faster and more efficiently than any other player in the market.

Deep Coverage

2iQ provides the most complete insider transaction historical data set in the industry. Our database contains 8.1 million transactions from over 200,000 insiders across a universe of over 60,000 stocks in 50 countries with an average history across all regions of 12 years.

Our Process

2iQ combines an automated data collection process with reviews by analysts to ensure the highest quality data is delivered to our clients.

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Leadership team

2iQ Research was founded in 2002 by Patrick and Robert Hable at the Frankfurt University business incubator.

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