Insider Trading Guide: Learn How to Profit

Learn the basics

Insider transactions play a valuable role in the investment research process. There is a strong link between insiders’ trading activity and stock performance.

This must-read guide explores insider trading essentials and explains how you can profit from the investment opportunities this data can offer.


What we cover:

  • Insider trading basics
  • Generating investment ideas from insider transactions
  • How to profit from insider transactions
  • Top tips for investors
  • Examples of profitable trading signals
  • Answers to frequently asked insider trading questions

How can aspiring investors track insider trading activity?

Anytime a corporate insider makes a trade based on insider information it must be reported. These filings (SEC Form 4) can be monitored through the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Manually tracking filings is often time-consuming and can provide outdated or inaccurate data. 2iQ Research makes tracking insider transactions easy and efficient, covering over 60,000 stocks across 58 countries.

The Insider Trading Guide teaches you how to combine 2iQ’s data, expert insights and trading basics so you’re well-equipped to generate investment strategy gains.

How can insider trading strengthen your investment portfolio?

Top insider trading signals – Trade scale, company performance and proximity to other insider trades are a few of the top signals we explore.

Recent real-world examples – Despite a volatile global market over the past couple of years, insiders continue to generate above average gains from their transactions.

Expert tips from 2iQ’s analysts – We offer industry-leading data for insider transactions and provide essential insights into using insider trading to your advantage.

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