The Wall Street Journal References 2iQ’s Capitol Trades Data

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No sooner had we written about CNBC using insight from Capitol Trades in its recent report, did The Wall Street Journal’s Natalie Andrews follow suit with a similar report.

In The WSJ’s report on January 18, 2022 titled ‘Some lawmakers push to ban stock trading by colleagues’, Andrews mentions that “federal judges and central bank officials have faced stepped-up scrutiny over stock trades, due to concerns about possible conflicts of interest or access to nonpublic information.”, before embarking on a detailed look at that activity.

In Andrew’s report, Capitol Trades, is referenced, again highlighting how important transparency is within this area of financial trading and the power of Capitol Trades with its ability to democratize data access with free enriched data on US politician trades.

As a pioneering force in corporate insider trading data and more recently, US politician trading data, everyone at 2iQ is always honoured when the world’s media calls upon our information and insight.

This latest example joins the long list of prestigious press outlets writing about Capitol Trades. This includes CNBC, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance and other respected publications.

Head to Capitol Trades to see what’s trading on Capitol Hill.