NYT, CNBC, and Newsweek Global Reporting Underpinned by Capitol Trades’ Data

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Launched in 2021, Capitol Trades’ data has underpinned ground-breaking reports on US politicians’ and lawmakers’ trading activity. In late 2022, The New York Times utilized Capitol Trades’ data to analyze 72 politicians who had a conflicted compliance with the STOCK Act.

2iQ’s Capitol Trades has continued to make waves, enabling fundamental analysis on CNBC shows and a report with The New York Times exploring the fallout of the 2023 banking crisis.

The New York Times

2iQ Research is excited to build on its working relationship with The New York Times, as Capitol Trades’ data once again served as the bedrock for an analysis of congressional trading. NYT Correspondent Kate Kelly delved into reactionary trading activity during the recent banking crisis.

The article hones in on well-timed trades made by several congressmen, including Ro Khanna, Dan Goldman, and Jared Moskowitz.

One of the most significant events saw Democrats Khanna and Goldman sell shares in First Republic Bank (FRC:US) one day before the bank received an industry bailout worth $30M.

NYT’s report reveals a jump in banking share transactions. It investigates the possible impact of political trading on institutional and retail investors, drawing on 2iQ’s professional research, analytics, and comprehensive dataset.

Read the full article here.

CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’

The banking crisis has dominated headlines in recent months, as politician trading reignited the debate around a Congressional trading ban. Capitol Trades recently featured in the debut episode of ‘Last Call’, analyzing the politicians’ trading activity in the wake of the Ukraine War.

Once again, 2iQ’s free-to-use platform was featured on CNBC, this time with ‘Squawk Box’. On the May 4th episode, NYT reporter Kate Kelly joined the hosts to discuss the heavy trading activity of First Republic Bank shares by Capitol Hill politicians.

Capitol Trades’ data underpinned the segment as the analysts discussed the most active traders, such as Ro Khanna, and the major blockers for a ban on Capitol Hill trading.

Watch the full clip from CNBC.

Newsweek and New York Post

Capitol Trades’ powerful data is regularly utilized in reports around the globe to track fascinating trades made by politicians. Our recent top stories roundup featured an analysis of Michael McCaul, John Curtis, and more.

On May 17, Newsweek published an article delving into the portfolio of Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema. In the article, Newsweek aims to fact-check the Senator's net worth, using Capitol Trades’ data to reveal whether Sinema has had no trading activity in the last three years.

The New York Post often reports on the trading activity of politicians and has recently followed the push for a Congressional trading ban.

On May 2, the Post published an article recapping the timely trades surrounding the collapse of SVB Financial Group (SIVB:US) and First Republic Bank that have reignited the demand for a ban. The Post utilized Capitol Trades in this article to pin down the biggest traders during the crisis, including Democrat Dan Goldman.

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