New updates to 2iQ’s brings even greater accountability to US politician trades

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2iQ Research has significantly enhanced Capitol Trades ( - the company’s intuitive platform offering anyone free access to real-time US politician trading data - with a number of new features and improvements.

Mirroring the goals of the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act of 2012, Capitol Trades launched in 2021 to deliver greater transparency into the stock market trades of senator and congress representatives. leads this sector of investor intelligence with the most amount of historical data available in the market, industry-leading filtering capabilities and the highest data volume for Senate and Congress representatives on Capitol Hill.

New features include:

  • New dashboard: powerful real-time insight into the latest filings, most active politicians, most popular stocks, trading maps, Twitter feeds

  • Enhanced trading page: extensive charting, performance data, trade details and easy access to original filing documents

  • New issuers list: detailed displays on what was last traded, popularity, number of trades, price data, and 30-day performance data

  • Politician searchability: snapshot cards showing activity data (trades, volume, last traded), all of which is sortable by state or committee

  • State-level insight: number of politicians in each state, activity data state-by-state and trade histories for each state

  • Committee knowledge: review house and senate committee data at a glance or dig deeper into the trading history of politicians within specific committees

Robert Hable, Managing Director and Founder of 2iQ Research: “Launching Capitol Trades was just the beginning. We have spent considerable time and resources expanding our platform’s capabilities and strengthening trust in our market-leading enriched data set. Today’s news sees us take further strides towards democratizing access to politician trading data and bringing greater accountability to those trading on Capitol Hill.”

Ahmed Asaad, Head of Research at 2iQ Research: “We are excited that the public has quickly taken to Capitol Trades and the visibility our offering provides. Seeing so many world-leading news outlets and respected financial publications use our data to report on what politician trading is a proud moment for everyone at 2iQ. This validation encourages everyone at our company to continue advancing our mission forward.”