2iQ’s global insider transaction data feed is available on the Open: Factset Marketplace

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2iQ, a cloud-based data and analytics provider, specializing in smart, efficient capturing and processing of company filings and data is now offering access to the world's largest database for global insider trading activity via FactSet’s Open:FactSet Marketplace (OFM) platform. OFM clients will be able to backtest 2iQ’s point-in-time data feed to generate alpha and improve its investment process and help identifying investment opportunities.

2iQ has built the most comprehensive global database of corporate insider transaction information that now contains over 10 million transaction records and up to 20 years of history. 2iQ processes over 3,000 transactions per day by using advanced machine-learning techniques, smart scraping and an international team of expert data analysts to provide clients with accurate and timely insights into the trading activity of corporate insiders. The data feed is cleaned and harmonized across 50 countries and over 60,000 stocks.

“We are very proud to be partnering with FactSet – an industry leader in the financial data and analytics space”, said Robert Hable, Managing Partner at 2iQ. “Thanks to the partnership with FactSet, 2iQ’s insider transaction data can now be easily combined with other datasets such as Factsets People database to enrich quant models, factors and analytics which are built on top of global insider transactions. This will now even more help investors make insightful, timely investment decisions.”

FactSet, the leading global provider of integrated financial information – which recently won the award for best data provider to the sell side at this year’s Sell-Side Technology Awards – launched OFM in April 2018, in an effort to enhance its service and connect the dots between data sets. Designed to give investors an edge, the OFM platform encompasses diverse datasets covering a broad range of analytical angles, and currently features more than 40 data feeds. “With the launch of the Open:FactSet Marketplace, our clients and prospects can discover pre-linked third-party data alongside FactSet’s own data, and generate ideas using tools and cloud-based research and production environments,” said Kristina Karnovsky, Head of Research Solutions at FactSet.

Through OFM’s 2iQ feed, clients will be able to gain access to global insider transaction database and examine the insider transaction activity of over 500,000 top-level executives worldwide. Corporate insiders tend to have the most timely and accurate information about the prospects of their companies, so their trading activity can offer an insightful information advantage to investors.

For more information on 2iQ’s insider transaction data, including case studies and additional research on corporate insider transaction activity, please visit the 2iQ provider page at the Open:FactSet Marketplace website.