2iQ’s IT Cloud Architect to present at Germany’s JAX IT conference this week

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This week, the JAX IT conference is taking place in Mainz, Germany, and we are proud to announce that 2iQ’s IT Cloud Architect Walery Strauch is presenting at the conference on Wednesday 8 May.

One of Germany’s largest IT conferences, JAX is focused on software architecture, innovative infrastructure developments, and cutting-edge Java technologies, and over the course of the five-day conference, technology experts from all over the world share their knowledge through high-level presentations and power workshops. The conference provides an excellent insight into what industry leaders are doing in the infrastructure space.

2iQ’s infrastructure specialist

At 2iQ, Walery is responsible for our infrastructure.

Having worked intensively on Java, web and cloud projects for over a decade now, Walery is an expert in the DevOps field, and he plays a major role in the development of our infrastructure as code (IaC). 2iQ uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for all of its infrastructure requirements.

Extremely proficient in Java, Walery has lectured on Java at Heidelberg University and is one of the organisers of the Mannheim Java User Group (MAJUG). He is also a frequent visitor and speaker at top IT conferences across Europe.

Shenandoah – an innovative new garbage collector

At JAX 2019, Walery will be discussing ‘Shenandoah’ – Java's latest ultra-low pause time garbage collector. This is the garbage collector that comes as standard with Java 12 and it is designed to reduce garbage collection pause times significantly by performing garbage collection work concurrently with the running Java program. Pause times with Shenandoah are independent of heap size, meaning that they will be consistent whether your heap is 500 MB or 500 GB.

In his presentation at the JAX conference, Walery will explain how Shenandoah works in more detail, look at why it was developed, and also examine when implementation of the garbage collector makes sense.

For more information on the JAX 2019 conference or Walery’s presentation, please visit the JAX website here.