2iQ’s Capitol Trades Underpins Trading Reporting Across the US

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Last month we shared how journalists at CNBC, The Street and Benzinga were using data from 2iQ’s Capitol Trades to support their reporting on US politicians and their investments. You can read more about those stories.

Capitol Trades has had a lot of attention from national media since launching, and has also been used by some US regional journalists too.

The first of these reports comes from The Oklahoman - As Rep. Kevin Hern blasted Biden on energy, his trust bought oil and gas company stock. Reporter Chris Casteel cross-examines the public outcry from US Rep. Kevin Hern against the Biden administrations treatment of the energy industry against his family’s trading activity. Capitol Trades dataset is credited for identifying Hern as a top stock trader in Congress.

Comparing the trading activity to US politician’s public facing messaging has been a recent trend in the press, as Capitol Trades was recently featured in Chicago Business.

When the government was buying vaccines, Rep. Newman traded in vaccine makers' stocks – penned by political writer Greg Hinz, the article dives into recent rallying against Congress stock activity by US Rep. Marie Newman.

This is despite Newman and her husband making significant money from trades according to Capitol Trades data. Newman ranked ninth in 2021 for earnings from stocks in Congress, one rank behind House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at eighth.

Find out who’s trading on Capitol Hill at www.capitoltrades.com.