2iQ's insider data is now available on the Amazon Web Services Data Exchange platform

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2iQ Research, the leading global insider transaction data provider, is excited to announce that its insider data is now available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data Exchange platform via BattleFin.

Through BattleFin, financial institutions can trace over 10 million insider transactions across a universe of over 60,000 stocks in 50 countries and use this data to enhance their investment processes and make smarter decisions.

AWS Data Exchange: easy access to third-party data in the cloud

AWS Data Exchange is a platform that makes it easy to securely find, subscribe to, and use third-party data in the cloud. Through the platform, financial organizations can subscribe to a wide range of products including those providing market data, news archives, compensation benchmarks, industry profiles, company sentiments, and more. AWS Data Exchange eliminates the need to build and maintain infrastructure for storage, delivery, billing, and entitling.

BattleFin: the leading provider of alternative data

BattleFin is a leading technology company that is focused on bringing alternative data to the world. It focuses on sourcing, organizing, evaluating, and vetting alternative data, making it easy for organizations to explore new datasets and integrate them with traditional datasets.

BattleFin’s flagship offering, Ensemble, is a SaaS platform that enables corporations, hedge funds, and investment firms to easily source, evaluate, test and purchase top alternative data. Its aim is to be the largest and most trustworthy alternative data platform globally – streamlining research and transactions between data buyers and data providers. Currently, the platform has more than 1,060 product profiles from over 630 data providers.

With Ensemble, users gain access to alternative datasets in a ‘sandbox’ environment. The sandbox features multiple testing tools including Python, R, and analytics platforms. Users testing the data for investment use cases also benefit from access to equities/ETF market data, company fundamentals, analyst estimates, and other supplemental products.

Test 2iQ’s insider data now

Currently, 2iQ’s insider transaction data set is available on AWS Data Exchange for a 3-month free subscription for testing and evaluating the data. For production access, the data can be customized to each client’s requirements and made available for delivery through ADX.

For information on how to access 2iQ’s insider transaction data on AWS Data Exchange via BattleFin, please reach out to datateam@battlefin.com.