Leadership team

2iQ is the leading insider transaction data provider with a global coverage of over 60,000 stocks. Our clients range from top hedge funds to quantitative portfolio managers and asset managers. Our offering includes a data feed, API, customized services and advisory.

2iQ Research was founded in 2002 by Patrick and Robert Hable at the Frankfurt University business incubator. We are a cloud-based data and analytics provider, specializing in smart, efficient capturing and processing of company filings and data. Our proprietary technology includes machine learning and smart scraping – as well as an international team of expert data analysts.

We believe that investors are entitled to the best information and insights on how insider behaviour and motivation impacts stock performance. We provide a clean and consistent, historical and real-time data feed of insider transactions (directors dealing) to institutional investors and hedge funds.

Patrick Hable

Managing Partner

Patrick is a founding member and Managing Director of 2iQ Research. He is responsible for sales and business development. Prior to his work with 2iQ, Patrick Hable spent four years working in the portfolio management division of DWS, Germany’s leading fund management company, and was responsible for the portfolio management of various European equity funds.

Robert Hable

Managing Partner

Robert is a founding member and Managing Partner of 2iQ Research. He is responsible for data quality and business development. Prior to his work with 2iQ, Robert has worked in product development of Teledata Boerseninformations- GmbH, a financial analysis and media provider, and as a primary market statistics analyst for Deutsche Boerse AG.

Ruven Oberländer

CTO, Partner

Ruven Oberländer joined the team in 2004 as Software Architect and Partner. He designs valuable J2EE solutions for our technology park. Parallel to his studies and afterwards, Ruven Oberlaender has spent five years working in the development area of Gluck & Kanja Consulting.


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