INIT’s Founder and CEO Continues His Insider Buying Streak

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INIT Innovation Traffic SE (IXX:FRA) is a globally renowned provider of IT solutions for public transport. INIT addresses all operational procedures through a comprehensively integrated ITS system, providing an extensive range of services to simplify customers' lives.

With a current Market Cap of 366.38 million Euros, INIT’s stock trades on the Xetra and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol ‘IXX’.

Top-Level Executive Stocks up

Gottfried Greschner serves as the Founder and CEO of INIT Innovation. An alumnus of the University of Stuttgart, he founded INIT GmbH in 1983. Additionally, he has served as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at init SE, Karlsruhe/Germany, since 2001. His responsibilities include overseeing business development, strategy, production, and purchasing.

From March 25 to March 28, Dr. Greschner (PhD) bought 12,400 shares of IXX. Bought in three transactions, these trades were valued at around EUR 430,716.60 ($466,450).

CEO Greschner’s buying streak continues from the end of 2023, and he also purchased 5,000 IXX shares between January 01 to 04, 2024.

Stock’s Performance & Company Standing

In the market, IXX stock has seen a price rise of almost 26.03% in the past year.

In yearly revenues, INIT reported its best outcome for 2023. The company reported a total revenue of EUR 210.8 million in addition to an EBIT of EUR 21.0 million. 

The company's report stated that INIT was entering a growth phase post-2023. The Management Board of the company has predicted a double-digit growth in 2024. Having signed international contracts for the next several years, the board was reported to have said, "This provides us with a solid foundation to continue growing our business."

Among the mega projects that INIT won at the start of 2024, one is the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority. Ranked the ninth-largest metropolitan area in the U.S., the region serves approximately 500,000 passengers daily. 

With a clear vision and solid foundation, INIT holds a strong position as an industry leader in public transport technology.