How 2iQ Research Is Partnering With Other Leading Alternative Data Firms

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In today's complex financial environment, it’s crucial that investors have access to a wide range of insights. That's why at 2iQ Research, we constantly partner with other leading firms in the alternative financial data space to share, connect, and integrate different forms of data.

Thanks to these partnerships, more investors are able to benefit from our comprehensive database of insider transactions – which covers more than 60,000 stocks globally – as well as our short interest and Form 144 data. The partnerships also enable investors to combine different forms of alternative data for more powerful investment insights.

Alternative Data Partnerships

In order to make our data available to a wide range of investors, 2iQ has partnered with a number of leading data aggregation companies. These include:

  • Eagle Alpha – A leading alternative data aggregation platform and advisor that currently offers a marketplace of over 1,850 alternative data products.

  • BattleFin – A technology company that is focused on sourcing, organizing, evaluating, and vetting alternative data, and currently offers more than 2,400 product profiles via its Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.

  • Neudata – A data scouting FinTech firm that is dedicated to finding alternative data for financial institutions.

Via these companies’ platforms, investment managers, hedge funds, and other sophisticated investors can gain access to our data.

We have also partnered with firms that offer their own unique financial data solutions. Examples here include:

  • RavenPack – A leading provider of data analytics solutions that helps financial organizations generate actionable insights from unstructured data such as news, social media, transcripts, and filings.

  • causaLens – A technology company that is focused on causal AI – the only technology that can reason and make choices like humans do.

Through partnerships with these types of firms, 2iQ has been able to offer clients a broader range of insights. For example, in 2021, causaLens used 2iQ’s short interest data to predict share price movements in meme stocks. Meanwhile, in 2022, RavenPack utilized 2iQ Research’s insider transaction data in a research study focused on corporate earnings release date changes.

In addition to these partnerships, 2iQ Research also has relationships with more traditional financial data companies. For instance, through FactSet’s Open:FactSet Marketplace (OFM) platform, investors can gain access to our insider transaction data feed.

Expanding Our Network of Partners

2iQ is committed to working with other leading firms in the industry and we are continually looking to expand our network of partners so that we can continue to provide investors with the best possible service.

If you would like to learn more about partnering with 2iQ, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: