Cluster Buying June Round-Up: A Bullish Outlook Across Multiple Industries

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In the past month, insider trading activities have signaled a strong vote of confidence in various companies across different sectors. From energy and biopharmaceuticals to agriculture and fast-casual dining, insiders are making substantial investments in their companies, indicating positive expectations for future performance. 

Below is a detailed summary of these insider activities and what they might mean for potential investors.

Capital Southwest Corporation

Capital Southwest Corporation (CSWC), a business development company with a market cap of $1.20 billion, specializes in credit and private equity investments in middle-market companies.

  • William R. Thomas bought 9,400 shares on June 3, 2024, at $25.86 per share, totaling $243,139.

  • Christine S. Battist purchased 192 shares on May 29, 2024, at $25.25 per share, totaling $4,848.

  • Ramona Lynn Rogers-Windsor acquired 500 shares on May 23, 2024, at $25.65 per share, totaling $12,809.

These trades suggest insiders believe the stock is undervalued. The company's financial performance is robust, with a 22.4% growth in the investment portfolio and an 18% increase in Pre-Tax Net Investment Income YOY. Regular dividends further underscore the company's stability.

Cenovus Energy Inc

Cenovus Energy Inc (CVE), a leading Canadian oil and gas producer with a market cap of CAD 51.31 billion ($37.65 billion), has seen substantial insider purchases recently.

  • Jeffery George Lawson, SVP, bought 5,000 shares on June 6, 2024, at CAD 26.06.

  • Jonathan Michael McKenzie, President and CEO, purchased 50,000 shares on June 6, 2024, at CAD 26.16.

  • Michael John Crothers, Independent Director, bought 1,000 shares on June 5, 2024, at CAD 26.37.

Totaling CAD 1,464,670 ($1,069,888), these purchases reflect strong insider confidence. CVE's strong quarterly results and high demand in the energy market reinforce a positive outlook.


CAE Inc (CAE), with a market cap of nearly CAD 8.26 billion, operates in Civil Aviation and Defense and Security. Recent insider purchases between May 30 to June 14 include:

  • Pascal Grenier, Division President, bought 1,000 shares, 2024, at CAD 25.57 each.

  • Marc Parent, President/CEO, purchased 54,000 shares at CAD 25.23 each.

  • David G. Perkins, Independent Director, bought 5,450 shares at CAD 24.67 each.

  • Alan N. MacGibbon, Chairman, bought 7,957 shares at CAD 25.14 each.

  • Marianne Harrison, Independent Director, purchased 4,400 shares at CAD 24.26 each.

  • Mark Hounsell, Chief Compliance Officer, acquired 1,614 shares at CAD 25.34 each.

  • Nick Leontidis, Group President, bought 2,840 shares at CAD 25.39 each.

  • Ayman Antoun, Independent Director, acquired 4050 shares at CAD 24.58 each.

These multiple insider purchases demonstrate insider confidence in CAE's future. Strong financial results further bolster this outlook.

Nutrien Ltd

Nutrien Ltd. (NTR), the world's largest potash producer, has a market cap of CAD 34.60 billion ($25.543 billion). On June 19, three insiders made notable purchases:

  • Noralee Bradley, CLO, bought $26,660 worth of NTR stock.

  • Trevor Leigh Williams, EVP, invested $66,023.

  • Mark Thompson, CCO, bought $7,103 worth of shares.

Nutrien's strong Q1 2024 results, combined with a focus on core retail businesses, point to a bullish outlook for the stock.

Tortilla Mexican Grill

Tortilla Mexican Grill PLC (MEX), a leading Mexican fast-food restaurant chain in the UK, has seen significant growth and strategic acquisitions.

Recent insider buys:

  • Andy Naylor, CEO, bought 9,257 shares, at 0.539 GBP per share.

  • Brandon Borg Stephens, Founding Director, bought 74,503 shares at 0.53 GBP per share.

  • Francesca Tiritiello, Independent Director, bought 92,574 shares at 0.537 GBP per share.

  • Emma Margaret Woods, Chair of the Board, bought 17,500 shares at 0.53 GBP per share.

These insider activities, alongside strategic acquisitions like Fresh Burritos, signal a strong bullish outlook for Tortilla Mexican Grill.

The recent insider trading activities across these companies highlight a common theme of strong confidence in their future prospects. From significant purchases in the energy sector to strategic buys in biopharma and fast-casual dining, insiders are signaling a bullish outlook. Investors might find these insights valuable when considering their investment strategies for the coming months.