Which Insiders Increased Their Stock Holdings? January 2022 Edition

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We give a roundup of insiders who have recently increased their share holdings by significant percentages each month.

In our December 2021 entry, we revisited Associated Banc-Corp, NVR Inc, and Ball Corp. This time around, we have a real mix of companies.

Why should you track insider holding percentages?

Tracking an increase in an insider’s holding can be a profitable decision.

Imagine two insiders, for example, purchasing stock, both of whom paid $80,000, but one boosted their holding by 100% and the other by 40%. Normally, a 100% rise would be regarded more bullish.

The three examples below demonstrate significant increases in insider holdings.

Jackson Financial Inc (JXN:US)

Jackson Financial is a financial services firm that offers annuities to retail investors and fixed income products to institutions in the United States.

Derek Kirkland, a director at Jackson Financial, bought 6,500 JXN shares for $38.14 on December 14, 2021. The insider paid around $250,000 for this trade, which raised his holding by around 50%.

The chart shows Jackson Financial Inc's price history, along with significant buy and sell events.

Kirkland is incredibly experienced in the investment industry, having advised numerous companies on M&A activity and capital raises during senior roles at Morgan Stanley’s Financial Institutions Group in Investment Banking.

By more than doubling his holding of JXN shares, Kirkland is suggesting that he believes the stock is undervalued right now.

For more analysis of Kirkland’s purchase, read the full 2iQ report.

Keywords Studios PLC (KWS:LN)

Keywords Studios specializes in providing technical support to the video game industry. Art services, game development, audio services and localization are amongst their services. The company has a market capitalization of £2.2 billion and is listed on the London Stock Exchange's AIM market.

In early January 2022, 2iQ reported on significant insider activity at Keywords.

Neil Thompson, a board member, purchased 2,496 KWS shares at a price of £28.04 per share on December 22, 2021. This trade cost the insider £70,000 and raised his shareholding to 3,387 shares.

The Chart highlights Keywords Studios PLC's price history as well as key buy and sell events.

With this trade, Thompson has increased his position by 280%. This indicates that he is quite confident in the stock's upward trajectory. His wealth of knowledge in the video game industry, gained from senior roles with Microsoft Corporation when managing the launch of Xbox in Europe, perhaps reinforces his perception of Keywords Studios’ prospects.

Keywords stated that it expects substantial growth in 2022 and that it is confident in delivering revenue in 2022 at the upper end of current analysts' consensus forecasts.

Sunnova Energy International Inc (NOVA:US)

Sunnova is a leading household solar and energy storage supplier in the United States, with over 175,000 clients in 33 states and territories since its launch in 2012.

According to our data, board member Akbar Mohamed purchased 20,000 NOVA shares at a price of $26.13 per share on December 28, 2021. The insider spent $522,600 on this trade, and now owns 45,386 shares.

Mohamed has increased the size of his shareholdings by roughly 80% after investing a significant amount of money in Sunnova. This indicates that he is quite confident in the stock's upward potential.

Sunnova Energy International Inc price chart showing notable buy and sell events

Mohamed has a background in finance and investment as part of his family office, Jumana Capital. He invests in operating businesses, real estate, private equity, and venture capital funds, among other things. This, in tandem with his time at Hicks Muse and Goldman Sachs, means he likely has an excellent understanding of Sunnova’s future value.

To find out more about the insider activity at Sunnova Energy International, read our extended report.

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