What’s Happened to KKR’s Stock Price Since Insiders Purchased Shares?

In this series, we look back at prior 2iQ reports to see how the stock price of a company has performed. Last time, we highlighted an insider from Everything Blockchain who saw his investment increase.

This week, we're revisiting KKR & Co Inc (KKR:US), which we covered in February 2021.

Why is it worth tracking the stock prices from insider trades?

Insider buying can give potential traders a lot of information about a company's prospects, because their access to business information, along with their knowledge of the industry, frequently leads to lucrative investments. 2iQ Research offers free insider activity reports on a regular basis.

Examining past reports retrospectively is one way to evaluate the effectiveness of an insider's trading activities.

KKR insider trading activity

KKR is a multinational investment company that specializes in alternative asset management and insurance. It has a market capitalization of $34 billion and is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

KKR board member, Robert Scully purchased company stock on the February 12, 2021. He purchased 26,000 KKR shares at $48.13 per share. This purchase cost Scully around $1.3 million.

In our original report, we highlighted multiple key reasons why Scully’s trading activity was interesting.

To start, Scully has the extensive industry knowledge, and has been a member of KKR’s board of directors since 2010. This was also a very large trade when looking at its value and was the second largest insider purchase at KKR in the last few years.

Finally, this trade increased Scully’s holding by 19%, suggesting he’s very confident that his shares will continue to increase in value.

Insider Buying and Selling Chart -  KKR & Co Inc

How has Scully’s investment in KKR fared since February 2021?

KKR is starting strong in 2022

US-based KKR & Co Inc have experienced strong growth throughout 2021, with the financial investment company rising significantly in value over the past 12 months.

In February 2021 when Scully made his investment, the price of the share was around $48, which has now increased to around $62 at the time of writing, which is an approximate 29% increase in value.

At its peak, KKR was trading at nearly $82 in early November 2021, which is an increase of around 70%.

Based on the current price of KKR shares, Scully’s trades would be worth $1.67 million, which nets a profit of around €377,000. Had Scully sold at KKR’s peak in November 2021, his 26,000 KKR would have been worth over $2.2 million, an increase of more than $900,000.

KKR’s Robert Scully trading was incredibly timely, coming just as the stock began to climb in value. The sector continues to perform strongly, and KKR continues to bolster their expansive portfolio with the recent acquisition of Bettcher Industries and Merchants Mortgage Trust & Corporation.

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