What Does the News About Insiders Filing Form 144 Say About Apple Stock?

The top part of an iPhone is seen next to the logo of Apple Inc which recently saw a Form 144 filed by its insiders

Apple Inc (AAPL: US) stocks have been taking a downturn. While not a massive decrease, the stock fell by 1.85% in a single day when it closed at $171.83 on April 06. Comparatively, AAPL’s price was much higher two days previously when it closed at $178.44 on April 04. Despite performing well on bullish days of the market, AAPL’s value has been taking a small dive since the start of 2022. On January 03, the stock closed at $181.78 and comparing that to April 06, prices have declined by approx. 5.47%.

Form 144s Filed by Insiders

While a greater decline is not anywhere in sight yet, adding to the scenario were the recent Form 144s filed by two of Apple’s company insiders. Both forms, worth millions of dollars, were filed on April 04, 2022.

  • Senior Vice President, Deirdre O’ Brien, made plans to sell 29,198 shares at a value of $5.21 M.

  • At the same time, Jeffrey E. Williams - COO, intends to sell 105,901 shares worth a whopping $18.9 M

Both forms were filed through the broker, UBS Financial Services.

Selling shares has been a very common occurrence among Insiders at Apple this year. Earlier, another Senior Vice Pres. at the company, Katherine L. Adams, filed a Form 144 as well on February 03, 2022. This was for 25,000 shares worth around $4.32 M. According to 2iQ analyst’s data, all of these shares were sold later on the same day, and Adams continued to sell in the following months.

The first Form 144 at Apple in 2022 was filed by the company’s Independent Chairman, Arthur D. Levinson, of 1,986 shares at a total value of $346,775. The form was filed through the broker, Charles Schwab & Co Inc.

Is the Apple Still Ripe for Picking?

An article dated for April 06 mentioned the stock values of Apple and other big guns like Amazon and Meta collapsing. Bullish news for the tech company was that Apple’s share price wasn’t diving as much as Amazon and Meta’s values were. 

In addition to this, a survey by Piper Sandler also revealed that Apple Pay is the number one favorite payment app among the Generation Z. Almost 87% of teenagers are the owners of an iPhone or at least intend to own one. Catering to the younger generations in the long run is most likely to help build on Apple’s earnings as well as the stock itself. 

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