The US Armed Services Has the Most Stock Trades by Any Congressional Committee

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Capitol Trades has been covering every inch of data from trades by US Congress members. In the Committee Section, the honor of “Most Stock Trades by a Committee” goes to the Armed Services.

According to the site’s all-time data, Armed Services has the most trades on record. The Senate Committee has a total of 1,674 trades whereas the House has a net 14,746 trades. Summing up, the number rises to 16,420.

Established back in 1816, the Committee's main task was and is overseeing the funding of the American Department of Defense. 13 senators sit on the Committee in addition to 23 Representatives, and a significant chunk of these have been active in stock trading. 

The Senators 

From the Senate Committee on Armed Services, a total of 185 trades were made from 2022’s first trading day to present, April 13. 

With 155 trades from January 03 to April 13, Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) is the most consistent trader amongst Senators. Although he is most notable for his multiple futures tradings, Tuberville made various high profile stock purchases and sales as well. These included a purchase of Alibaba Group Hldg (BABA: US) on January 14, PayPal Holdings Inc (PYPL: US) on February 07, and ChannelAdvisor Corp (ECOM: US) on March 08. All these trades were worth from $50,001 to $100K. 

Both Gary Peters (D-MI)  and Dan Sullivan (R-AK) made solo trades this year. Peters purchased Intl Business Machines Corp (IBM: US) on January 03, worth up to $15K, while Sullivan’s lone transaction was a partial sale on March 04 was from RPM International Inc (RPM: US), in a value of up to $15K. 

Rick Scott (R-FL) only trades for 2022 so far were Municipal Securities, which ran from January 06 to March 09. These were some high value trades, starting from a range of $100K and going all the way up to $1M. 

Last but not least, Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) made several high-profile trades from multiple companies. The big names in his current portfolio include Alphabet Inc (GOOGL: US), Inc (AMZN: US), Intel Corp (INTC: US), and Microsoft Corp (MSFT: US). Blumenthal purchased the four stocks, spending up to $500K on January 31. All in all, the Connecticut Senator carried out his purchases and sales from January 20 to February 08, reporting the trades all together in a single disclosure on March 03. 

The trade history of Senators from Armed Services Committee are shown in chart below from Capitol Trades.

The House

The Armed Services House Committee also soared ahead with the most trades in 2022 so far, numbering 2,919 in total. 12 Representatives traded stock, with the most frequent trades being by Rep. Khanna.

On January 07, Patrick Fallon (R-TX) sold Verizon Communications Inc (VZ: US) stock in a trade of up to $500K. Fallon had previously traded VZ quite frequently in 2021. Comparing the stock’s prices between the date Fallon sold and last bought on July 06, VZ fell by around 3.85%, and is still diving since. He later bought Twitter Inc (TWTR: US) on two occasions: On January 19, when the total shares were valued between $15K and $50K, and later on January 24, this time for almost $100K. 

Scott Franklin (R-FL) purchased and sold stocks from multiple companies throughout the year, amounting to a total of 22 trades.  Trades that reached as high as $100K were of shares from Berkshire Hathaway (BRK/B:US), JP Morgan Chase & Co (JPM: US), Microsoft Corp (MSFT: US), and Starbucks Corp (SBUX: US). All of these buyings were dated March 21. Franklin’s only two sales of the year were of American Electric Power Co (AEP: US), both on March 10, for a rough total of $150K. The mystery is when Franklin first bought the electric stock, but alas AEP has surged by 8.33% when we compare the closing prices on January 03 and Franklin’s sale day.

John Garamendi (D-CA) only sold stock from four issuers: Block Inc (SQ: US), Granite Construction Inc (GVA: US), Meta Platforms Inc (FB: US) & Twitter Inc (TWTR: US). All these trades were dated January 14, and amounted to almost $95K in all. Except TWTR, all the other stocks have been nosediving since the beginning of 2022. 

Trading mostly in the Energy Sector, Dr. Mark Green (R-TN) made a total of 29 trades. One notable trade under his belt was the purchase of Enlink Midstream LLC (ENLC: US) on February 9, with a net worth of almost $1M. He later sold ENLC in the same value range on March 02. Comparing the energy stock’s price on both days shows that Green had gathered profits of up to 10.02%.

Doug Lamborn (R-CO) made a total of 13 buyings and sales from a single company: NetApp Inc (NTAP: US). The net worth of these trades came out to approx. $615K. Post his last sale on February 14, the price of NTAP has been continuously falling, and has since saved Lamborn losses by 12.44%. 

From January 04 to February 25, James R. Langevin (D-RI) bought and sold from companies amounting to a total of 33 trades. The net worth of these trades was $1.6M. Presently, his portfolio holds Rivian Automotive Inc (RIVN: US) a stock which has been subjected to serious short selling lately, as well as SQ, BABA, FB, and PYPL. His highest value purchase was from Generac Holdings Inc (GNRC: US), worth nearly $250K.

The star trader from the House was and still is Rohit Khanna (D-CA) with a total of 2,782 trades in 2022 alone. He was previously covered by CapitolTrades as one of many Congressmen with cryptic-looking disclosures. The majority of his highest value trades were of Non-Public Equities from GS Finance Corp from February 02 to 10; a total of 8 trades with each worth around $1M. Other high M Cap companies which Khanna purchased stock from included GOOGL, AMZN, APPL, BRK/B and PFE, all in the ranges of $100K to $250K. 

The Armed Services House Committee's trade history from 2019 to 2022 are shown in the chart below from Capitol Trades.

In recent events circling the globe, the Armed Services Committee have had their hands full, particularly with the Russia-Ukraine Crisis. Partially due to new issues arising, the ban on Politicians’ trading has been shrouded for a while. But in a recent news update, certain lawmakers have listed the ban as a top priority move.

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