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Short Selling Report: POSTNL NV (PNL.AS)

POSTNL NV (PNL.AS) is a Dutch company that helps businesses and consumers with mail and logistics services. It collects, sorts, transports, and delivers letters and parcels; and offers data and document management, direct marketing, and fulfilment services, as well as cross-border mail solutions. It is publicly listed on Euronext Amsterdam Exchange with a market capitalization of approximately €1.465 billion as of 19th May 2022.

Short selling figures

Currently priced at €2.854, the company has been subjected to significant shorting activity.

On 3rd January 2022, of the 513 million shares outstanding, approximately 4.39% or 22 million shares were shorted, valuing approximately €86 million.

A total of 10 managers have shorted shares in the company at the time of writing this article with MARSHALL WACE LLP shorting the highest percentage - 2.94% - of the total outstanding shares.

On 18 May 2022, of the 513 million shares outstanding, approximately 9.26% or 47 million shares were shorted, worth approximately €135 million.

The shorted shares increased by approximately 110% from the start of the year, with the share price falling by approximately 26% from closing price of 3.86 as of 3rd January, 2022.

Q1 2022 Financial Analysis & Latest News

Based on the financial results of the company for the quarter ending in March 2022 , the company was found to be performing below expectations. To start off, Postnl NV is already facing a challenging business environment due to the Russian invasion in Ukraine since February 2022 and zero Covid policies in China resulting in supply chain disruptions.

The revenue of the company has fallen to €806 million from €962 million, compared to the same quarter of the previous year, due to a fall in volume of parcels as well as mails dispatched in the region. The operating income has also decreased by a massive 79% from €148 million in comparison to the same period of previous year. The net income as a result has decreased to €16 million from €136 million.

PostNL has been included in the 25 most sustainable companies listed on the AEX ESG index. The company has been using renewable energy and has reduced its carbon footprint in the logistics industry.

While the company has been subjected to considerable shorting, the latter news could steer the company’s stock onto a more positive road.

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