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Motorola Solutions Chairman & CEO filed his sixteenth Form 144 this year

The image's background depicts a Motorola Razr, with the blog introduction mentioning the Chairman/CEO filled Form 144 for shares worth $5.54 million on top.

A company insider may file a Form 144 under the circumstances that he or she intends to sell a minimum of $50,000 worth of company stock. This usually implies to securities registered in the US. When an insider continually files form 144s and sells the shares, this could send a signal regarding the stock’s future.

Motorola Solutions Inc (MSI: US) is a technology company that specializes in manufacturing as well as providing services in communications. The company’s range of work includes providing systems and devices for public safety, video security, and radio networks, among others.

Listed on NYSE, Motorola has a current M Cap of $40.7 billion. Gregory ‘Greg’ Q. Brown serves as the company’s Chairman and CEO, and throughout this year, has delivered a string of intended stock sales.

CEO filing repeatedly

Brown’s forms and trades were previously covered by 2iQ in June; back then he intended to sell shares for a total value of $5.54 million. 

Since then, the CEO has been continually filing forms and selling stock more than any insider at the company. His most recent form was for 25,000 shares at a total value of $6.21 million, filed via broker E-Trade financial corporation. In total, this form marks Brown’s sixteenth form 144 this year. 

Other than the CEO, other insiders have also filed with intentions to sell. The list includes Cynthia M. Yazdi - Senior Vice President, Jason J. Winkler - CFO, Mark S. Hacker - Exec. Vice President, and John P. Molloy - Exec. Vice President.

Earnings and acquisitions all year round

On August 4, 2022, Motorola disclosed its quarterly earnings for Q2. The report showed a surge in sales of 9% year-on-year. Additionally, the company earned up to $34 million in revenue from its acquisitions.

Motorola later announced on August 29 that the company’s regular dividend for the quarter had been approved. This dividend was 79 cents per share for the quarter, which was the same value as its two dividends earlier this year, one in February and the other in May’22.

Additionally, Motorola is leaving a trail of acquisitions. Beginning on March 3, 2022, the company acquired Ava Security Ltd, which is a cloud-based security and analytics provider, and most recently, acquired Barrett Communications, a radio communication provider, on August 15.

MSI’s stock performance has been lukewarm: the stock has declined 8.34% year-to-date, but in the past 6 months, its value surged by 11.21%. So far, a majority of analysts have given the stock a buy rating with few giving a hold rating. But CEO Brown’s repeated sales in large numbers could give a different signal. 

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