CapitolTrades Tops the List for Keeping Up With Politician Trading

Picture of Capitol Hill taken during night time with blurred stock market charts on top

As of October 29, 2021, the CapitolTrades is officially stocked to the brim with trades of buy, sell, receive and exchange made by US Congressmen. 

Why is Congress Trading eye-catching?

In the past, Congress Trading has attracted just as much controversy as it has received attention. Although the STOCK Act (2012) was passed in order to curb Insider Trading by Politicians as much as possible, recent circumstances have proved that the Act only achieved minimal success. As we are an adaptable species, it’s actually not that surprising to see that most private investors have now turned to keep an eye on trading by Lawmakers. 

Result: the Internet is now swarming with data on stock trading by the US Congress. This is where the CapitolTrades team proudly proclaim that our database is filled with information on stocks, the politicians dealing in them, and historical data that stretches back three years. 

Collage of screenshots from Capitol Trades site, showing price graph, politician trading activity bar chart and pie chart, accompanied with the site logo

It's all in the Figures

The CapitolTrades database holds 908 profiles of politicians who have served in congress since 2012. Of these, 411 different politicians have reported transactions since the passing of the STOCK Act. All are captured by 2iQ ranging from Nancy Pelosi’s husband’s sky-rocketing trades to Rep. Rohit Khanna’s diverse transactions. While the site surveys thousands of companies across various sectors, the total number of issuers politicians have traded in is 8,330. The resulting number of trades made over the course of three years is 135,668. Assets are of course not limited to company stocks; they range from Crypto, ETF, Hedge Fund, Venture Capitals, Non-Public Equities, REIT, and various other Securities. Everything from public companies to government authorities is covered. 

Details mentioned also include the accurate dates of each trade’s transaction and filing, making it clear to the public which politicians lagged in reporting their trades.

In the past, trades made by Senators and Representatives were later proven to be timely stock decisions. These included the buying of $TSLA stock in Dec’20, prior to the record-breaking Jan’21 period. With the help of our platform, any future occurrence similar to the one above can readily reach our users, assisting them in making money alongside politicians.

We're Packed

To save the best for last, the User Interface of the platform is such that even beginners can easily tackle it. Trends, charts, and detailed tables cover all metrics you can use for better decision-making. The premise is simple: if the lawmakers are trading, we’re putting it out in the open. 

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