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Insider Buying Report: Baker Hughes Co (BKR:US)

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Baker Hughes Co (BKR:US)

12-month performance: -38%
Insider activity: Bullish
Insider buying pattern: Large purchases from CEO
Recent news: Released August Rig Count report

Top-level corporate executives tend to have the most up-to-date information on their companies’ prospects. If these insiders are buying company stock, it’s generally a bullish development.

In this article, we are going to highlight some interesting insider buying at Baker Hughes Co (BKR:US). Baker Hughes is one of the world’s largest oilfield services companies. It is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and currently has a market capitalization of $15.0 billion.

Insider buying

What has caught our attention here is a large purchase from Chairman and CEO Lorenzo Simonelli. Form 4 SEC filings show that on 2 September, the insider purchased 71,275 shares at a price of $14.12 per share. The total cost of the purchase was $1.01 million.

BKR-US    Source: 2iQ Research

Large CEO purchase

This insider purchase stands out to us for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s a top-level insider that has bought stock. Simonelli was named Chairman in October 2017 and has been President and CEO since the Company’s creation in 2017, where he oversaw the successful merger of GE Oil & Gas with Baker Hughes Inc. He is likely to have an excellent understanding of the oilfield services company and its future prospects.

Secondly, it’s a large transaction both in nominal and relative terms. This purchase – which has increased the size of Simonelli’s holding in Baker Hughes by 33% – is the largest single insider purchase for a number of years.

Rising rig count

Baker Hughes has been hit hard by the collapse in oil prices this year. Revenue for Q2 was $4.7 billion – down 21% year-on-year. However, there are signs that activity in the oil and gas industry could be beginning to pick up. In its August Rig Count report, Baker Hughes said that the worldwide rig count for August was 1,050, up from 1,030 in July.

Putting this all together, we see the insider buying here as a bullish signal. It suggests that the CEO is confident about the future and expects BKR stock to rebound.

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