2iQ Research welcomes its 100th employee

2020 was a year of change and uncertainty, the coronavirus had changed the way we worked and stock markets globally exhibited high levels of volatility throughout the year.
While corporations all over the world faced challenges last year, 2iQ Research achieved a special milestone. Late in the year, we surpassed 100 full-time employees for the first time ever. This is an achievement we are extremely proud of.

The market leader in insider transaction data

2iQ Research was founded in 2002 by Robert Hable and Patrick Hable at a Frankfurt University business incubator. Since then, we have grown to become the leading provider of insider transaction data covering more than 50 countries and over 60,000 stocks. 2iQ’s head office is located in Frankfurt, Germany, however, we also have employees in Bulgaria, India, Pakistan, Portugal, and the United Kingdom.


Across its offices, 2iQ employs a wide range of highly-skilled individuals. Our analysts include CFA charter holders, MBAs, and graduates from top-ranked business schools. As well as providing insider transaction data, 2iQ also provides short-selling, earnings, buyback, and politician data.

Our clients range from academic researchers to hedge funds and portfolio managers, all of which benefit from the application of our techniques of smart scraping and machine learning.

Benefiting from the demand for alternative data

In 2020, insider transaction data proved to be an extremely valuable investment research tool. With traditional stock valuation techniques becoming less effective due to the unprecedented levels of disruption, insider transaction data provided crucial insights, helping investors get a more complete view of activity within the world’s publicly-listed companies and assisting in the forecasting of stock movements.


The surge in demand for alternative forms of data enabled 2iQ to continue hiring, and throughout the year we added three new members to the IT team. New hires included Pedro Velhinho and Diona Denkovska and our lucky 100th hiring, Aqeel Shamsi.

A collaborative environment

At 2iQ, employees benefit from a friendly, collaborative environment with attractive working conditions. We value the growth of our employees’ skills and we are committed to evolving together.

Mohamamd Kamran, CFA, who leads the buyback project is currently one of the experienced employees and his role has evolved in-line with the company’s growth. When asked about his time at 2iQ, Kamran commented “Hard work and determination does get you recognized because since I have joined 2iQ I have not only grown professionally but individually as well. Structure embedded in this organization gets the best out of you and the skilled and proficient workforce, who are the nucleus of our operations, is acknowledged widely by our clients. 2iQ is family for me now and I am blessed to be a part of the talented family.

Our latest hire, Data Scientist Aqeel Shamsi, will be officially starting on 15th January and we’re ready to welcome him to the team as employee number 100. Aqeel will be based in our Lahore, Pakistan office, which boosts substantial human resource of 2iQ.

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Robert Hable, Founder and CEO of 2iQ, commented “As a co-founder of 2iQ it gives me a great deal of pleasure in achieving this milestone. We’ve faced our share of challenges, but with interests of everyone aligned and vision shared towards a common goal we have overcome many turbulences as a team. As our client base and project demands continue to grow, I hope to see the next 100 coming in a significantly shorter period of time.”

With many employees working from home and social distancing still in place, it’s not the right time for a group celebration. However, the planning is in motion.

Currently, 2iQ Research is recruiting across its research and IT divisions. Our employees and ex-colleagues rate us highly in regards to skill set enhancement and career wise growth. You can find more information on the available roles on our LinkedIn page.

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