2iQ Market Update: Insiders turn bullish as other market participants are exiting the market STOXX 600 (SXXP:IND)


STOXX 600 (SXXP:IND)  Corporate Executives Are Buying The Dip

August was a turbulent month for the stock market. Market indices declined all across the globe as they had to process negative news regarding a possible no deal brexit and the US China trade war. As the market sentiment turned negative, one group of market participants turned positive as Helene Meister, columnist at realmoney.com, noticed.

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— Helene Meisler (@hmeisler) August 31, 2019

The US insider Sales-Buy Ratio enters a bullish area and flashes a buy signal and so does the European Market, as published in a Bloomberg news story a few days later.

Insiders are contrarian by nature and they do possess more information than the average analysts or institutional investors.
Though the prices of equity markets dipped globally, 2iQ observed the European insider buy-to-sell ratio nearly tripled in August reaching 3.4 as compared to 1.1 in July. Currently the September insider-buy-sell ratio is even more bullish with 7.3 although it’s too early to tell where it will end.
Patrick Hable, the managing partner at 2iQ stated that in the month of August a lot of insiders buying activity in Europe and the US was witnessed. By comparison, in December 2018 when the European insider buy ratio was bullish at 8.8 the STOXX600 rose 16% in the following four months.

The Bloomberg article stands in contrast to an article published by CNN where they say US corporate insiders are selling. We fail to reproduce the huge sell volumes mentioned in the article.

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