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2iQ Insider Brief: JERSEY OIL & GAS PLC (JOG:LN)

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12-month performance: +30%
Insider activity: BullishBuying pattern:Buying from multiple directors including COO and CFO
Recent news: Block license awarded

Jersey Oil & Gas Plc is the Britain based independent North Sea focused upstream oil and gas company founded in March 2014. The Group aims to maximise shareholder value through operational success and  productive deal making. The market capitalisation of the company is $50.41 million and is AIM listed on the London Stock Exchange. 

The Jersey Oil and Gas Plc stock fell on 3rd April by almost 43% from 228p to 128p. The Group claimed that disappointing drilling results from the North Sea would increase costs thus the market reaction. Moreover, it had reported that another high investment project had lower prospects of discovery which could affect future returns which caused the price to fall continuously. However, the price bounced back by over 150% skyrocketing from 73.5p to 189p on 22nd July which was when the Group was awarded blocks in licensing round which would lead to addition of 100 million barrels to Jersey’s North Sea portfolio. 


Source: 2iQ Research

Analysing insider activity at Jersey Oil and Gas, it can be seen that key insiders believe this is just the beginning of rise in Jersey’s stock prices. Mr Vicary Gibbs, the CFO of the company invested approximately $15,000 increasing his holdings by about 270% on 22nd July. In addition, the COO, Mr Ronald Lansdell purchased stock worth $70,500 increasing his holdings to 1 million shares. Finally, on the 23rd of July the Chairman, Mr Marcus Stanton purchased about 5,800 shares increasing his holdings by nearly 10%. While the stock is already increasing, inspecting the recent operations and insider trades it can be analysed that with the rebound the stock will continue to increase. 

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